RTP|ONE commerce engine for Ski & Attractions

With new mobile AR apps for travelers coming available, there is a new “augmented” way to navigate cities, find information about sights and attractions, find retail stores, locate the nearest necessities and even book reservations and activities right from the phone. AR mobile apps also give companies new ways to market directly to consumers at [...]

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Adding an elevated level of interactive style can do wonders for a site and the user. Using “hide & reveal”, on the content, the layout simplifies itself and can be help target the users navigation. Animation techniques like: fading, scrolling, easing, rotating, hide & reveal, jumping, and expand & collapse enhances the users overall experience [...]

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Photoshop Blending Sliders

Here is a small, but valuable collection of Photoshop Tricks and Tips our Design Team has used in designing great web sites. We hope you find them helpful as well…let us know your favorites! Advanced Glow Effect Learn how to apply cool glow effects to various shapes using layer styles, the Pen Tool and Color [...]

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Beaver Creek Extreme

TOP 10 IDEAS FOR WEB ENHANCEMENTS So many opportunities, it was too hard to pick just ten. Here are twelve recommendations from RTP Interactive for site enhancements in 2010. 1. Social Media Where to start? Make sure you have clear goals and a Social Media strategy in place. While getting started may be as simple [...]

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As we prepare for 2010, one of the most asked questions I hear and read is “will mobile be the new Internet?” I find the question interesting because it could imply that an entire new economy will be created just like the one by the Internet. This could mean new jobs and wealth creation for [...]

RTP has always been interested in hearing feedback from its customers—and anyone else who wants to let us know what you think about our company, products and services. So we decided, what better way to hear your opinions and thoughts than to set up our own Blog? Please use this forum to read about and [...]

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Mood Board Brainstorming Exercise

There are a variety of tools we can utilize during the Creative process – one of them I am most drawn to is the Mood Board. A roll of butcher paper, a stack of magazines, and rolls of tape?! Sounds more like art class than business you say? What is the value? Here are some [...]

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RTP at the races

RTP Interactive launched the Birds of Prey World Cup Race site before the 2007, but the concept behind the web came to life this weekend! It is always great to see our work in action, but this weekend it felt like super speed. We had dozens of employees on the hill as spectators at this [...]